'Identity is not something that someone can give you...

you decide who you are.' 

Ready to reclaim your identity?


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5 REASONS to join this masterclass

  • Reason  1

    You are ready to find out what it feels like to claim who you are, and have the made the decision not to hold yourself back anymore.

  • Reason  2

    Your self-worth is not dependent upon having the approval of others. You no longer choose to live by the labels and expectations that others have placed on you. 

  • Reason  3

    You've grown up away from your ancestral country and your culture and have always felt that something was missing within you.  

  • Reason  4

    You don't feel enough. You put yourself down. You put everyone else before your own needs. You don't value your own wisdom. You struggle to speak up and be yourself. You don't believe you have enough to contribute.

  • Reason  5

    You've grown up with other people telling you who you are, or who they think you're meant to be, and you've often felt the need to seek validation and approval from others, but you know it's time to be yourself and claim who you are.

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